>> Since 2003…

…I work as freelance graphic designer for large and small brands, for private label- and A-brands, for fmcg- and non-food products, for national- and international brands and for none-brands who want to become a brand.

After my education Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts in The Hague (KABK), I started working with design agency Bracq & Gauvin in Paris. This was a great experience and I spend a very nice time. This was actually the first encounter with packaging design. It was obvious that a bottle of perfume, branded Ungaro, should be sold in a beautiful, attractive gift box. For the same reason an expensive fountain pen from Waterman, a bottle of Cointreau liquor or a high quality Champaign from Pommery should have attractive packaging design. At that time I was inexperienced and unfamiliar with these brands, however I had the opportunity to design for these fantastic labels. Along the way I experienced what good packaging design can do to enhance the emotion and image of a brand, and of course to increase the sales of a product. Ever since brand identity and packaging design has gained my interest for life.

Through other design agencies and clients I became more and more specialized in the area of Branding & Identity. In marcelle-profiel2003 I decided to offer my knowledge and creativity on a freelance base. From that time I have realized many interesting projects in the food industry as well for non food products. How I enjoy to collect my portfolio pieces in the supermarket for a presentation or aquisition interview – it’s nice to have such a tangible job! After a few years working as a freelancer I noticed that creativity was more and more influenced by strategic descicions and briefed marketing aspects. Again this sounded interesting; those extensive briefings, panel tests and focus groups….why was that nessecairy? To fully comprehend these processes as a designer, I decided in 2004 to start studying Economics. Due to this study I have a great advantage in designing for large A-brands with commercial aspects. With this exceptional combination of studies I am able to translate your brand or product on a strategic base top high quality, communicative and creative design. I am available on spot or I can provide you with design work from my full service studio located in Voorschoten. I can helpyou out with long term or short term projects.

If you wish further information about my working experience you can download my curriculum vitae at the bottom of this page. If you would like to make a booking or opt in for a special period, please notice that I work according the terms of agreement which has been issued by the Federation of Dutch Designers (BNO).
These can be downloaded as well at the bottom of this page.


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